Laura Gordon for Sheffield Hallam

About Laura

Why I want to represent you

Laura will work hard for you

I believe in better for Sheffield.

I moved around a lot while I was growing up, so 'where are you from' was always a difficult question for me to answer. But when I came here, I realised, as so many of you will have realised, that there's something about this city – and I knew I'd found home.

Representing this area in parliament would be the greatest honour of my life.

I believe in Sheffield, and I believe in our future as a green, modern and innovative city. I'm standing because I want to be part of delivering that vision.

That means fighting for investment in our infrastructure, fair funding for education, and a renewed devolution deal. It isn't right that spending on transport per person in London is ten times what it is here. And it's not fair that spending per child in London is up to double what it is here.

We face an uphill battle. But I’m ready for the fight.

My history

Laura has worked in international development

I worked for Oxfam, Save the Children and the Department for International Development. My career has taken me to some difficult places, like helping Syrian refugees, working in Libya after the fall of Ghaddaffi, or managing £35million of UK funding in Sudan.

It's given me first-hand experience of some of the most difficult foreign policy problems we face.

Our future

Our future

I believe that our country lies at a crossroads, risking a disastrous hard Brexit in an increasingly unstable world – and that, if elected, I have the skills and experience to contribute to a more liberal, outward-looking future, in which we build a constructive relationship with our neighbours and meet our international commitments.

Locally, I want to be a hard working MP accountable to you.

I would hold regular surgeries and I would keep in touch all year round with newsletters so you know exactly what I’m up to.

I believe in localism so I want to be your representative in Westminster not Westminster’s representative to you.